Interior Natural Stone

The LivingStone Collection provides customers with an unrivalled choice of natural stone flooring in an array of finishes and colours to suit any home.

For beautiful contemporary floors choose from our Sandstone and Limestone collections which add warmth and character to kitchens, hallways & conservatories. For edgier designs consider Slate and Quartzite in moody greys and blacks.

Natural Stone has a beautiful patina with a variety of colours, textures and thickness within each piece. This gives floors full of variety and character. For a more uniform appearance, consider our reproduction and porcelain flooring ranges.

Sizing Information

All of our Flooring is available in random 10 sq m Project Packs, and with dozens of different patterns and faces in each range, a natural looking floor is guaranteed.

If for any reason you are restricted by the thickness of flooring – perhaps because you want to keep existing kitchen units, have low beams, or are trying to match up to existing floor levels, Westminster Stones reproduction ranges can be produced to a thinner specification upon request.

All flooring whether it be part of the LivingStone natural stone collection or one of our Reproduction ranges, can be used indoors or out to maximum design effect. Plus all ranges are suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Interior Reproduction Stone Floors

Westminster Stone’s reproduction stone floors are renowned throughout the World for their authenticity. The calibre of colour, texture and size of our flagstones & tiles are based on sourced originals.

Homeowners can create an authentic ambience even in more cool and contemporary designs with the soft hues of our Cotswold Hidcote Flagstones or riven Yorkstone, or the popular ‘greys’ of Henslate and Country House Petworth Flagstones.

With over 30 years in Contemporary Stone Floors, Westminster Stone know a bit about finishes too! Offering a range of seals and stone flooring finishes from ‘invisible,’ light sheen, to antique aged and waxed effect.

Bespoke Services

Westminster Stone’s Bespoke Service allows you to tailor our reproduction flagstones and tiles to suit your design or the architecture of your home. For instance, you may choose the texture of one flagstone and the colour of another or choose to have a lighter or deeper shade.

If you have height or weight limitations, our flagstones and tiles can be manufactured to just 25mm thickness, giving more options around doorways and under kitchen units. Or in beamed properties with low ceilings.

We are here to make your life easier so please get in touch for design advice or a quote.

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