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Interior Flooring

Westminster Stone have been manufacturing beautiful interior stone flooring products for over 30 years. At the fore front of authentic stone development, all of Westminster’s ranges and moulds are made in house, and taken directly from carefully sourced original masters. This is alongside new products such as limestone flooring, sandstone, porcelain and more.

Cotswold flagstones for instance are taken directly from Cotswold stone masters, so little or none of the unique texture and detail is lost. Other stunning reproductions come in the form of Henslate Flags (Hen meaning Old in Welsh).

Westminster Stone have done the same with Yorkstone flagstones. Without doubt the best newly quarried riven York Flagstone reproductions available, and in a number of traditional subtle colours.

The Chelsea Gold flags, (with warm brown buff and beige hues), the Yorkshire Street Flags (with olive and khaki colour hues), and the Lancashire Mill Flags (in ‘hobnail grey’ with subtle khaki hints) are all simply stunning reproductions.

Multiple Applications

Practical and incredibly hard wearing, these high strength fibre reinforced interior flooring products embrace modern production methods, whilst retaining their traditional appeal.

Available in random flagstones, or in single sizes these traditional classical flagstone interior flooring products will add instant maturity to any room setting. They will look as though they have been there forever!

And that’s why Westminster Stone Flagstones are used in a number of more unusual interior flooring applications. From kitchens, conservatories and living rooms, to character pubs and hotels, on film sets, in stately homes and even in churches and castles.

All of the materials are also suitable around swimming pools too. Westminster Stone & National trust products are widely acceptable for Listed Buildings. In fact anywhere that a sympathetic traditional ambience and character is sought.

Stunning Floors

Westminster Stone are the licensed manufacturer of National Trust Paving too, and many a home has an authentic ambience due to the authenticity of these flooring products. Cotswold, riven York, or subtle coursed Country House Petworth Flagstones.

Westminster Stone also offer a superb range of Antique reclaimed terracotta tile reproductions, beautiful and traditional in many areas in the UK. Norfolk and Suffolk, Sussex, Kent and Surrey to name but a few.

With over 30 years in interior flooring, Westminster Stone know a bit about finishes too! Offering a range of seals and stone interior flooring finishes from ‘invisible,’ light sheen, or an antique aged and waxed effect, there are a number of finishes that will enable you to have the superb traditional floor that you want.

The Interior Flooring Farmhouse Flagstones in cream and buff stone hues give a lighter more subtle aire to your room.

Bespoke Services

There’s a bespoke service too: If you like the colour of one flag, and the texture of another, Westminster’s production process will allow that. Or if you like a product but would like it a little lighter, or a lighter browner (for instance), Westminster will achieve it.

If you have height or weight limitations, flagstones and tiles can be manufactured to just 25mm thickness, giving more options around doorways and under kitchen units. Or in beamed properties with low ceilings.

And if Westminster don’t have the effect that you’re after, there’s a superb range of Natural Stone interior flooring products too. SandstoneLimestoneGranite, Travertine, and Slate. In a number of finishes: newly split, antiqued, tumbled, honed. And in a number of colours. You can imagine….. Westminster will have it all.