Westminster Porcelain
Lighthouse Collection

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Westminster Porcelain Lighthouse Collection paving and flooring tiles, with their rich depth of stone effect colour tones, create a timeless ambience to a modern and contemporary style setting. 


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    Interior Flooring Porcelain

    The Westminster Porcelain Lighthouse Collection is a range of  five beautifully proportioned tiles that will add style and flair to your home and garden.

    The Westminster Porcelain Collection embraces modern paving styling and the range has been carefully sourced following years of searching, as The Collection that is best suited to the compliment British architecture, and the colours, sizes and textures that we know and love.

    Whilst the Westminster Porcelain Lighthouse tile paving range has been made in the heart of the ceramic and porcelain regions of Northern Italy, the individual ranges, that our experts have sourced, have all been inspired, as their names suggest, by British geological, geographical, or architectural features.

    They are the same experts that have meticulously developed the Westminster Stone reproduction flagstone ranges, and the National Trust Landscape Collection over the past three decades.

    The range of 20 mm (2 cm) rectified stone effect porcelain patio tiling in the Lighthouse Porcelain range, features five classic colour tones, each one chosen for its unique slightly variegated natural colour detailing.

    Colouring is always consistent: Both within each tile, and from tile to tile. That’s a testament to the World beating manufacturing processes and quality control processes of our manufacturing partners in Italy. Absolute Porcelain quality that’s second to none.

    The excellent non-slip surface makes Westminster Lighthouse Porcelain an excellent choice for the functional areas in your home, in external paving and interior flooring.

    It’s ideally suited to wet areas of the garden too, as well as swimming pool surrounds and hot tubs terraces, (because of the tiles’ low water absorption), and has algae and stain resistance, whilst being very easy to keep clean, with no other maintenance required.

    Available in 5 stylish colour shades, The Westminster Porcelain Lighthouse Collection comprises of the following tiles: Portland Lighthouse White,  Berwick Lighthouse Beige, Lindisfarne Lighthouse Grey, Hartland Lighthouse Charcoal, and Queenscliff Lighthouse Black.

    The porcelain paving slab range is always a consistent 20 mm (2 cm) thickness, and all tiles are first quality rectified stone effect porcelain paving tiles.

    Westminster Porcelain Lighthouse tiling is perfectly suited to compliment the British architectural design of the 20th and 21st century even though the materials have been made in the heart of the World renown porcelain manufacturing regions of Italy. The factory that Westminster partner has World Class production processes, excellent quality control, and the product ranges most suitable to our taste and style.

    The colours of Westminster Porcelain products are very consistent within each tile, and from tile to tile. That’s also a testament to the very latest manufacturing techniques, and quality control processes that employed.

    The Westminster Infiniti Porcelain range is ideally suited when linking the interior of your home inside to the exterior hard landscaping and terraces in your garden. There is a 1 cm (10 mm) tile thickness option in this range is ideal for that purpose, but the 2 cm tiles can be used both outdoors and in to stunning effect.

    The non slip surface also makes Westminster Porcelain tiles an excellent choice for functional areas because of the algae and stain resistance.

    The tiles are also ideally suited to wet areas in the garden too: Swimming pools, hot tubs and living areas for example. The low water absorption of the porcelain makes them frost proof, and they have excellent slip resistance properties.

    Available in 5 colour shades, and 2 paving size options, (plus a further 3 compatible 1 cm interior flooring tile size options).


    Westminster Porcelain Lighthouse Collection
    Absolute Stone Effect Tiles
    All Porcelain Tiles are Rectified
    Available in 2 cm & 1 cm thickness
    Slip Resistance: R11 20mm Paving Grip
    Slip Resistance: R10 10mm Flooring Grip


    60 x 60 x 2 cm = 600 x 600 x 20 mm
    60 x 60 x 2 cm = 2.77 tiles / sq mtr
    64 – 60 x 60 x 2 cm / Pack = 23.04 sq mtrs (1050 kg)
    80 x 40 x 2 cm = 800 x 400 mm
    80 x 40 x 2 cm = 3.125 tiles / sq mtr
    48 – 80 x 40 x 2 cm / Pack = 15.36 sq mtrs (700kg)
    Packed in 2 tiles / box


    Made in Italy


    Supplied in each delivered pack
    Slurries, adhesives & grouts can be supplied
    Porcelain Tiles Plastic Pedestals can be supplied

  • Weight 1050 kg
    Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 mm