Oakstone Timber

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This beautifully crafted piece will add a stunning feature to any garden with it’s unique ‘daisy petal’ pattern. Especially lovely when planted out to full effect.


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    Oakstone Timber

    These authentic OakStone Planter sections, provide a simple solution to creating a raised planter bed. They can be dry laid flat, or can be stood on their sides to create a stylish traditional planter. (We would recommend using a mortar or adhesive bed when laying sections on their side for safety reasons).

    Please note that these are reproduction timbers, and will not rot. OakStone sections can also be colour enhanced by ‘dry-brushing’ black acrylic paint to the high points to add instant aging and maturity. It’s only a flick of paint, so typically the whole feature can be enhanced in 15 minutes!

    The external dimensions of the planter are 1000x1000x450mm when sections are stood up three high, and 1050x1050x300mm when laid flat three high. Each piece measures 900x150x100mm.

    The OakStone sections can also be used as path edging, steps, or stepping stones. A practical solution to a number of dilemmas!


    Westminster Stone
    Oakstone Timber

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    610 x 100 x 130 mm
    305 x 100 x 130 mm


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