Alnwick Flooring

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Beautiful riverwashed quartzite tiles from Livingstone that will add a cool sophisticated elegance to your home or work place.

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  • These rich and sumptuous Livingstone Quartzite Alnwick Flooring Tiles will add cool style and sophistication to your home.

    The most unique finish. The surface seems to take on the appearance of the canyons and gorges that define the origins of the stone, with its natural character.

    Quartzite is a hard, metamorphic rock which originated as a pure quartz sandstone.  Sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure usually caused by tectonic compression.

    Pure quartzite is usually white to grey, though quartzites frequently may be found in varying shades of pink and red. Other colours may also be found, such as yellow, green, blue and orange, are these are due to other mineral impurities.

    Livingstone Quartzite is suitable for use with underfloor heating


    Livingstone Alnwick
    Riverwashed Quartzite Flooring
    600 x 300 mm Only
    Brick-bond, Herringbone or Straight Pattern
    12 mm Calibrated Tile
    Silver Grey Carbon Black Colouring


    915 x 610 mm – Qty 3
    915 x 457 mm – Qty 3
    762 x 610 mm – Qty 3
    762 x 457 mm – Qty 3
    610 x 610 mm – Qty 3
    610 x 457 mm – Qty 4
    610 x 305 mm – Qty 4
    457 x 457 mm – Qty 4
    457 x 305 mm – Qty 4
    305 x 305 mm – Qty 3


    Yorkstone Copings
    Yorkstone Patio Circle
    Cotswold Gravel


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  • Weight 475 kg