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Westminster Stone have been manufacturing beautiful stone flooring products for over 30 years. Browse our extensive collection of traditional authentic reproduction interior flooring, including ranges of flagstones, tiles and paving.

At the fore front of authentic stone development, all of Westminster’s ranges and moulds are made in house, and taken directly from carefully sourced original masters. Cotswold flagstones for instance are taken directly from Cotswold stone masters, so little or none of the unique texture and detail is lost.

Other stunning reproductions come in the form of Henslate Flags (Hen meaning Old in Welsh). These stunning originals were reclaimed from a farmhouse flagstone floor in Gwynedd, and reproduced to reproduce a replica flagstone floor, indistinguishable from the original.

Westminster Stone have done the same with Yorkstone flagstones. Without doubt the best newly quarried riven York Flagstone reproductions available, and in a number of traditional subtle colours. The Chelsea Gold flags, (with warm brown buff and beige hues), the Yorkshire Street Flags (with olive and khaki colour hues), and the Lancashire Mill Flags (in ‘hobnail grey’ with subtle khaki hints) are all simply stunning reproductions.

The Farmhouse Flagstones in cream and buff stone hues give a lighter more subtle air to your room. Practical and incredibly hard wearing, these high strength fibre reinforced products embrace modern production methods, whilst retaining their traditional appeal. Available in random flagstones, or in single sizes these traditional classical flagstone flooring products will add instant maturity to any room setting. They will look as though they have been there forever!

And that’s why Westminster Stone Flagstones are used in a number of more unusual flooring applications. From kitchens, conservatories and living rooms, to character pubs and hotels, on film sets, in stately homes and even in churches and castles. All of the materials are also suitable around swimming pools too. Westminster Stone & National trust products are widely acceptable for Listed Buildings. In fact anywhere that a sympathetic traditional ambience and character is sought.

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Westminster Stone are the licensed manufacturer of National Trust Paving too, and many a home has an authentic ambience due to the authenticity of these flooring products. Cotswold, riven York, or subtle coursed Country House Petworth Flagstones.

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Westminster Stone also offer a superb range of Antique reclaimed Terracotta Flooring tile reproductions.

These beautiful and traditional tiles reflect many areas in the UK including Norfolk and Suffolk, Sussex, Kent and Surrey to name but a few.

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With over 30 years in flooring, Westminster Stone know a bit about finishes too!

Offering a range of seals and stone flooring finishes from ‘invisible,’ light sheen, or an antique aged and waxed effect, there are a number of finishes that will enable you to have the superb traditional floor that you want.

There’s a bespoke service too: If you like the colour of one flag, and the texture of another, Westminster’s production process will allow that. Or if you like a product but would like it a little lighter, or a lighter browner (for instance), Westminster will achieve it.

And if you have height or weight limitations, flagstones and tiles can be manufactured to just 25mm thickness, giving more options around doorways and under kitchen units. Or in beamed properties with low ceilings.

And if Westminster don’t have the effect that you’re after, there’s a superb range of Natural Stone flooring products too. Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Travertine, and Slate. In a number of finishes: newly split, antiqued, tumbled, and honed. And in a number of colours. You can imagine….. Westminster will have it all. Get a quote by clicking above, or phone for all the information you could want.

The beauty of stone flooring is that it can be used diversely, complimenting and supporting any theme of room. Wether that’s a traditional and aged look and feel or if it’s a contemporary and modern décor, Stone Flooring has the ability to add character and uniqueness to any setting.

At Westminster Stone, we have taken time and care in creating a range of Stone Flooring that’s fit for any purpose with stones including:

Old Travertine
New Travertine
Antique Sandstone
Antique Limestone

Each of these carry their own personality and finishes perfect to suit any kitchen, hallway, conservatories and more.

As well as this, Westminster Stone have handpicked perfect aged original flags and reproduced these so you can lay stones in your home with the same rustic and worn appearance. We’ve selected a great range of colours too so there’s a great range for you to choose from.

These moulds have been manufactured from original sources such as, Lancashire Mill Flags, Castles, Weathered York Flags and more. That’s why you can trust Westminster Stone to ensure great quality every time.

Natural Stone is one of the most sought after type of paving stone for its aesthetic appeal. Mostly it is manufactured to ensure durability and to make it easier to fit into complex paving designs.

Natural stone itself refers to a variety of mountain based materials that can include Sandstone, Granite, Slate, Marble, Limestone and Travertine and all of these each have differing properties.

If you decide to shop for stone flooring tiles, there are various factors that you should take into account.

Often grading systems are used to rate the quality of the stone. These systems can refer to the shape, size and thickness of the stone as well as the general condition. There are three levels; grade 1 refers to high quality, unmarked materials, grade 2 is materials with minor defects such as chips, scratches, or slightly irregular surfaces and Grade 3 materials have major flaws in size, shape or surface.

Absorption Rating
The absorption rating refers to how porous the stone is. The more absorbent the stone is the more susceptible it will be to cracking in cold weather and staining. There are four absorption levels that stone can have; Non vitreous, Semi-vitreous, Vitreous and Impervious. In terms of these absorption rates, Sandstone generally is the most porous stone whereas Slate, Limestone and Travertine have a medium level of absorbency and Granite is waterproof.

Coefficient of Friction
This will measure how slip resistant various materials are and the higher the coefficient, the more traction a tile will have. This is especially important dependant on where you plan to place your tiles which leads to the next important aspect of indoor or outdoor rating.

Indoor or Outdoor
You will find that some stone flooring materials are more suited to the outdoors than others. Most of the factors above will determine whether a material should be used in an open air environment.


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